New York 2021

artifact Gallery

84 Orchard Street

New York

Photos from my paperworks on view from 3rd of November to 22nd of November 2021 in this awesome gallery in Manhattan, Lower Eastside

On the left side in links on the blogroll there is a video of my works published by the creative artifact-team !

The title of this print series is “SHADOW and LIGHT - Hurricane of Silence, and is dedicated to my mum, who passed away this autumn and my granddaughter Matea, who was born in July this year.


Hurricane of Silence

Deep inside you

lies the script

of the old days

firmly encoded

open there


A tower of heaven

on bright clouds

bears in the endless

true core

quietly someone new


A hurricane of silence

in every leaf that moves

whispering from the end

that is the beginning too


A circle of light

spinning around

what carries breath

through all doors

into nothingness

that is all


Trembling and booming

it rears up

in strong arms


to the pulse of the

endless time


Original text in German by Karin Loitsch, translated by myself

Hurricane of Silence is a song from Karin Loitsch. a dear friend of mine, it is originally written in German. To hear Karin singing this song, was a big source of inspiration for my work, these words carry the embodiment of female power for me.

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