Florence Biennale 2019

Title: “Breath of Mind”

(Hommage à Leonardo da Vinci)

XIIth FLORENCE BIENNALE, Fortezza da Basso from 18 -27 OCTOBER 2019

“Breath of Mind” is inspired by the personage of Leonardo da Vinci and the genuinely Renaissance idea of apprehending the world through similitude and analogies. It wants to draw attention to the power of our mind by opening up a multitude of possible associations. If a mind is breathing, it is a living, changing, producing and moving being. It is alive! Breathing air produced by trees is as vital as listening to music, reading a book, looking at an artwork. The invisible, “underground” roots of our mind nurture, as well as they are nurtured by  the visible, tangible, audible productions we bring into the world. A living mind needs air to breathe as well as it gives life to new perceptions and re-creations of the supposedly already known. Imagination, dreams and thoughts seemingly detached from what we might call “hard reality” are an inseparable part of this reality. A reality where change is possible.

Michael Gfrerrer, Paris 2019

Dimension: 240 cm h, 150cm  w, 15cm d

Black clay burned, graphite and paper

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